Ask4Recovery - How do I "buy" a Higher Power?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

How do I “buy” a Higher Power?

If only it were as easy as “buying” a Higher Power! I know this would have solved a lot of the frustration, confusion, angst I was feeling when I first entered recovery. I am used to buying everything I wanted and needed in the moment when I was active in my addictions. Between drugs, alcohol, and food, my disease had it all. I could buy my way to a very distorted sense of happiness. Now, all of that buying and instant gratification is put to the wayside and I am learning to allow for things to gradually and naturally manifest.

Each day I learn something new about myself and my connection to my Higher Power. For me, it is not about ‘buying’ a Higher Power, but allowing for my Higher Power to enter into me. To allow for that brick wall and prison cell that I put up around myself for so long to break down and for the beauty that surrounds me to find its way into me. This allows for me to feel whole, complete, worthy, and apart of. By opening myself up, sharing what I am going through, going to meetings, reaching out, turning my will over, (and the list goes on) I see that I am not alone. And that feeling of not being alone is one of the many aspects of my Higher Power. With all of this, a newfound relationship with something bigger than me, my Higher Power, is starting to develop and flourishing. There is no need to buy something that I can choose to have in my life. One day at a time.

How have you developed a relationship with your Higher Power? What has worked for you? Let us know and join the Ask4Recovery movement with me!

Sending love,



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