Ask4Recovery - How do I 'let go'?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…


How do I ‘let go’?


Letting go happens when I am humble. Happens when I am connected. At one and at peace with my higher power. Letting go means accepting the fact that I can’t run the show. That there is a plan and purpose for me bigger than anything I could ever imagine. I can only ‘let go’ one moment at a time. When I start looking ahead and thinking about the future and my big plans, I am ‘holding on.’ In these moments, I have to ‘let go’ and be at one with the present.


Letting go has become a blueprint for my life. It is certainly not always easy but I now trust that things will transpire exactly the way they are intended to.  I am able to get in touch with the person I was put here to be on a much deeper level through all of this. For so long I thought it was holding on that was making me stronger. I now see that it is ‘letting go.’


How do you ‘let go’? Let us know and join the Ask4Recovery movement with me.


Sending love,



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