Ask4Recovery - How do I let go of the anger I have about my addictions?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

How do I let go of the anger I have about my addictions?

Letting go of anger means learning to accept. And learning to accept requires self-love, compassion, and forgiveness. These have all been integral in my recovery and I practice them on a daily basis. There are still moments when I think, ‘What is wrong with me?’ or ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ and in those moments I am separating myself and enabling the battle in my mind, which ultimately will lead to anger and resentment. My addictions are part of who I am. The beauty is that they are no longer my identity or sole purpose but rather a voice in the background that I have the ability to tune out now.

So much of my life now is about perception. If I wanted, I could stew in self-pity, depression, anger, and resentment. With engaging in one destructive behavior I could go back to where I was just a year ago. The reality is, that is not the life I want for myself anymore. I am lucky to have the awareness, consciousness and gratitude I have in my life now. With this comes acceptance of myself just the way I am. Sure, I have flaws and character defects, yet I can forgive myself for them now and see them for what they are. I have the ability to act opposite and live a life that is fulfilling to me. Anger is no longer a part of it.

How do you let go of anger about your addictions? What works for you? Let us know and join the movement!

Sending love,



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