Ask4Recovery - Is lying ever okay?

Hello friends! Today’s ‘Ask’…

Is lying ever okay?

Lying is no longer a part of my life. I live as clean, truthful, and authentic as I can. This coincides with my program of recovery. I believe that lying brings about more pain and sadness and ends up consuming more time and energy than called for. I have a guilty conscience and if I begin the practice of lying, the closer I am back to building up resentments, anger, and before long I could be back engaging in destructive behaviors.

Although I try my best to no longer lie does not mean the thoughts to do so have disappeared from my thought process.  If someone I don’t necessarily want to hang out with asks me to hang out, I immediately want to say I am somewhere doing something that in reality, I am not. Instead, I practice being as truthful as possible, as hard as that can be. I have lived my life very much a people pleaser so saying ‘No’ is difficult for me at times. I have to remember that ‘No’ is a sentence and I do not need to validate or excuse myself each time I say it. There is nothing better than living my truth and if I begin to engage in lying, it is a slippery slope back to making lying, deception, and malicious behavior part of my identity. If I need help with making a decision, I have people I can reach out to. I am no longer alone, as much as my disease likes to tell me I am. The ability to live my life authentically now is much easier and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are your thoughts on lying? Let us know and join the movement!

Sending love,



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