Asking For Forgiveness - How Specific?

I sent out emails asking for forgiveness. I'm starting anew in a new home. I feel like I have a new life. And I wanted to clear the slate with people I've hurt in the past.

When I sent them out, I was not specific about why, other than I knew I had caused hurts in the past and wanted to make amends. My thought on this is that I didn't know what mental space everyone is in. So, I wasn't specific, because I wanted each person to reply and handle it in the way they needed to. I wanted the other person to find closure. The apologies weren't only about me - they were also about the other person.

I have been criticized for this. Now I wonder, should I have been more specific? Is going back and resending the apologies with specific information going to cause more harm than good?

I am sincere in apologizing. Is that enough?