Asking for Help

Today I write this blog in the hopes that somebody reads it and helps me out.

As you may or may not know, I am participating in both NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo.  I guess I don't want to have a life in my favorite month of the year.  November is my birth month, my only daughter's birth month and the perfect bridge between my two favorite holidays, Halloween and Christmas.

So, I am working really hard to add content daily to both.  That is not including that I am trying to relaunch a business, work 36 hours a week and take care of the household.  I'm not an overachiever, far from it.  I just feel like the rest of the year was kind of blah and I want to finish the year with a happy bang.

So, my question for you experts at Blogher is this.  I have been a member for a while but started using Blogher in November.  I guess I felt it was time.  And so, I would love for people to see my blog entries, from my blog,  Procrastination Princess.

I know there is a way I can link that blog post in this box, I just don't know how.  Help me please?

If you have any advice on anything I said above, feel free to leave them here.  Procrastinate tomorrow.

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