ASL is a beautiful language.
I love it and enjoy being with Deaf friends  and using the language for chat, catching up on gossip, joking and having deep conversation that I cannot have with hearing people.  
There is a constant conversation flow, many topics, laughter, all without voice.
There is something you should know about ASL.  It is not actually all 100% with the hands, it is much more complex.  The sign for house looks like a house, therefore every word looks in some way like what it describes, right?
The problem with this is that you can’t sign concepts like if, since and so on so easily. But conventions mean that signs for these words do of course exist.

You quickly learn that you should actually have most of your focus on the person’s FACE as they are signing. Of course their hands are crucial, but facial expressions introduce both important sense to a conversation (without them, it would be like listening to a monotone conversation in a spoken language) and actually dramatically affect the end-meaning.

Deaf people communicate differently than hearing people.  It is more personable, direct and blunt.  Deaf are not afraid to 'tell you like it is'.  
If you are Hearing and would like to learn a few signs here are links to a few resources that are very good.  You can impress your friends and show off that you know a new language!
Have fun!
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Everyday ASL Productions is a New York based company founded by a team of ASL educators with varied experiences throughout both Deaf and hearing communities. This team understands the importance of promoting and educating American Sign Language (ASL) to ensure successful communication with others using the language. Free educational videos will be released occasionally for everyone to enjoy from. Find more EverydayASL's videos: EVERYDAY ASL CHANNEL More details at:



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