Asperger Melt down

Asperger Melt down


Today while we were at Mahala's practice Kaden had the Biggest melt down ever. He didn't want to put his shoes on when we were leaving the house, because he didn't want to cover his toes.  The whole way there he was fine, no problems at all.  But, when we got to practice and he saw the playground he got angry because he didn't have his shoes.  He screamed, hit the windows, rocked back and forth for the whole time.  I tried to use calming words and then I just let it run it's course.  As soon as Mahala and Skylar got back to the car and I started to back away he went silent and started playing with his toys. His punishment is to not have video games tomorrow.  And normally he is fine with punishment ad will not complain or try to get out of it.  It's hard sometime to tell what is asperger frustration and what is misbehavior because he is a 5 year old boy. So, I'm guessing tomorrow we will have a lot of chess and math going on around here.  :-)


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