Asthma, Allergies & Off-Gassing

A Mom’s Experience with Asthma and Allergies


Asthma and Allergies seem to be a common combination. My son was recently diagnosed with both, which is odd considering neither my husband nor I have asthma or allergies.  Of course the doctors’ can offer no explanation other then “he’s a North American baby”.  After my son’s last asthma attack and a 5 day stint in the hospital, I decided to find out exactly what’s going on; the explanation provided was not enough and I couldn’t help but think his environment was a significant factor  


I’ve been doing some research and am so shocked by what I have found.  The dangers of household pollutants are staggering. Simple household items can omit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds such as methane or formaldehye), this process is known as “off-gassing”. This evaporation of synthetic compounds is found throughout your home, and can result in asthma attacks or allergic reactions.   According to Dr. Bassett (MD, vice chair of the Public Education Committee of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology), off-gassing can cause a whole host of allergy symptoms, ranging from puffy, red, and watery eyes to a runny nose, congestion, coughing, and asthma-like symptoms as well as  skin irritations like rashes, itchiness, and hives. You need to be especially mindful if you have a child like with asthma and or allergies.


The Off-Gassing Culprits:  Beware they are everywhere

Triphynel Phospate – Is a flame retardant that is added to many plastics. It has been proven to be one of the largest contributors of off-gassing. It’s typically found in electronics (TVs, Monitors and appliances). When these items are turned on and heat up they begin the process of offgassing

Formaldehyde – Can accumulate indoors through construction materials, household cleaning products and new furniture. A significant build up for long periods of time contributes to coughing, wheezing etc. 

New Carpets and Cars – We all know the smell of a new car or carpet, but did you know that it is in fact the release of toxic chemicals? For a new car, the smell results from the chemicals used in the vinyl and plastics used to make the seats, dash and car seat covers. For new carpets the backing on the underside typically contains chemicals that off-gass.


Out with Off-gassing: Tips on how to reduce its presence in your home

It makes sense to me to create a space and home for children that are as natural as possible.

  1.  Try to air out your home as often as possible and look into getting an air purifier
  2. Keep the humidity in your home below 45 degrees, to decrease the amount of formaldehyde and other chemicals that are prone to off-gas
  3. 1.Try to air out new carpeting or a new car as much as possible. You may want to also look into buying organic carpets.
  4. 2. We have transitioned to all things organic and it’s never too late to start.  In fact, that’s what inspired the creation of the organic Portable Play Mat. Available online and at select retailers across the country.

Wishing you Clean and Safe Air!


Two moms rolled up the love they have for their families into organic cloth, eco natural, Canadian made, play & pamper products that`s best for baby.


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