Astrology: April 2011 * Aries – So Many Planets, So Little…

Wow, there will be days in April that Aries (Fire Sign, ruled by the Warrior planet Mars, 1st sign of the Zodiac) will be playing host to 5 planets plus the Sun. Potent, powerful, persuasive, passionate, potentially combustible energy can result. (I ran out of “P” words to convey how “in your face” this could be.)

Aries is about aggression, physical energy, impatience, temperament, action – all this can be used to make great things happen– now!  But, in addition to accomplishment, there can also be risk and rush leading to hurt feelings and messy, scattered results. (Arrogance can always come back to bite ya somewhere/somehow?)

Aries and:

Jupiter* 2/23 – 6/5/11, Called the Lucky planet – feelings of good fortune, sure bets, may hide some risks and lull you into taking lots of chances.

Mercury* 3/10 – 5/16/11 (Retrograde period 3/30 – 4/23), Sharp communication, can be snide, angry, remember – a verbal assault is still an “assault”.

Uranus* 3/12/11 – 2018,  Slow moving outer planet will remain for 7 years.  Unpredictable, rebellious, often “change” for change sake,  resenting any restraints, rules-  don’t let desire to be “free” cloud common sense.

Sun* 3/20 – 4/20/11, Enthusiastic, energetic, buoyant, “I”

Mars* 4/2 – 5/11/11, (Planet ruler of Aries) Intensifies combative qualities and self confidence – fiestiness works, but, don’t underestimate a situation or an opponent.

Venus* 4/21 – 5/15/11, Planet of love and beauty in the same neighborhood as the testosterone charged planet Mars = Sparks!

So, short and sweet, it boils down to the following: Use this time of powerful drive and emotion to your advantage without creating grenade like debris.  And, focus. Dial back on ego and think of the contribution you are to others – magnified, energized.

As always, the depth of the affects of all this depends upon where Aries and those transiting planets appear in the birth chart.

Brace yourself. Let the “Tilt-a-Whirl” begin! (Wasn’t it the movie “All About Eve” where Bette Davis says her “Bumpy night” line? ) Well Ok! We’re ready! Could be fun!