Astrology: Harvest Full Moon in Pisces 9/12/11

Get a grip. Monday’s early morning Full Moon in sensitive, emotional Water sign Pisces is wonderful for creativity and connecting with others, but sometimes not so much for staying grounded in what is actually happening.  Be as imaginative, caring and compassionate as you wish, but strive for clarity, from  yourself and others, stay in the moment – dismiss any escapist urges. Reality may often bite, but it can be handled without mind altering options. Take care of your inner self.

Overnight, the Moon jumps into volatile, action oriented Fire sign Aries. The energy may be different with the sign change, but “Full” traits are still in effect for the next few weeks. Clean up any leftovers (I don’t mean just food). Complete and tidy up any projects hanging around so that the way is clear for the “New” Moon on 9/27, a time of beginnings.

FYI: A Harvest Moon is whichever Full Moon occurs closest to the Autumnal Equinox (before or after).

Full Moon on Monday September 12, 5:27AM Eastern / 2:27AM Pacific




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