Astrology: Mercury Retrograde, Its Baaack! August 2nd

Tuesday 8/2/11 began the second Mercury Retrograde for the year. The communication planet last went backward in March and you may recall how you waded through whatever snafus or confusion resulted. You can do it again!  Be alert, nail down exactly when that bus/train/plane is scheduled to leave. Make sure your PC/iPhone/iPad/Mobile, etc. is in top form and kept charged. Also, if your gas gauge shows “E”, believe it. Mercury Retrograde, which started 11:50Pm Eastern / 8:50PM Pacific, is not the time to test your luck. Instead of Margo Channing’s classic line, “Fasten your seatbelt. Its’ going to be a bumpy night”, it’s actually going to be a “bumpy” 26 days.  (btw: the quote is from the movie All About Eve.  It was on TV a few weeks ago – love it.) 


The Retrograde starts in Earth sign Virgo, transits backward into the 5th Zodiac sign Leo on 8/8 and continues its reverse until it finally stops on 8/26 (still in Fire sign Leo). Mercury then goes Direct and you may notice the fog lifting, gadgets working again, etc.  However, it will not reach the sign it rules, Virgo, again until 9/9. That is when communications, written or spoken and plans you may have for health / diet upgrades will really take flight. When Mercury is in one of the signs it rules, Gemini is the other, their traits are energized. Analytical, practical Virgo should show up and be about taking care of the details, getting things done.

In the mean time, remember my usual suggestions for Mercury Retrograde – see it as an opportunity to review, reconsider, re-think. However, note that as we do this, we are not going backwards into the past, we are pro actively making any needed changes, re evaluations for the future.  A good thing.



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