Astrology: The Moon is “New” in Taurus 5/2 and 5/3/11

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With both luminaries in this practical, determined Venus ruled Earth sign, Taurean themes are highlighted and intensified – romance, beauty, creativity, finances.  Time for a new love, a new project, a new budget?

The Taurus New Moon arrives at 11:51PM Pacific on Monday May 2nd and 2:51AM Eastern on Tuesday May 3rd (3 hour time zone difference). A “New Moon” heralds beginnings and is a great time to initiate projects, make changes. The Sun has been in this second sign of the Zodiac since 4/20.


You can be loving and creative while managing your cash. Re evaluate how you spend and save your money. Financial stability may allow you to still indulge yourself and your loved ones when you want without causing a budgetary crisis. Bull-like resistance to change, classic Taurus stubbornness, may not work now – contemplate a new way of doing things when needed.