Astrology: Moon Shenanigans For This Weekend 4/1/11

My usual routine on Thursdays is to give my opinion about the possible energy created around us based solely upon the weekend Moon’s Zodiac sign placements. I enjoy doing it and it’s a way to prepare to take advantage of any atmospheric vibes that are out there.  However, due to a rare 2 day“ Void of Course”  Moon,  which starts on Thursday March 31, I have no opinion to give for Friday – April Fool’s Day (Hmmmm).

The Moon, in the final degrees of Water sign Pisces, is Void of Course – meaning that it creates no aspects (relationships/connections) to the Sun or planets while on its way into the next sign.  This usually lasts from a few minutes to a few hours and needless to say, a 48 hour VC is rare. It lasts from 9:43AM Eastern / 6:43AM Pacific Thursday until Saturday morning April 2 at 7:16AM Eastern / 4:16AM Pacific when the Lunar orb finally settles into Aries.

A Moon without “aspects”, can be a time of vagueness and doubt.  The consensus among Astrologers is to “not start anything”.  Finishing projects that began before the “VC” can be handled and completed, but avoid initiating during this uncertain time.

Vibrations change on Saturday morning when things start to perk with the  potent early morning moves of both the Moon and Mars into Aries. In addition, Sunday April 3rd gives us a “New Moon” phase in this same aggressive Fire sign. Use its Martian energy to jump start projects, new beginnings, new ideas – implement, implement, implement!

Short version of the above: Finish up old stuff on Thursday/Friday and start new stuff from Sunday’s New Moon until the Moon’s First Quarter phase April 11.

And, not to pile it on, remember that Mercury is Retrograde in Aries until April 23. If you must sign or commit – review and verify forms of communication, techie stuff, etc.  (It never stops, life is just so full!)

Keep breathing. Enjoy your weekend!


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