Astrology: Moon Transits for the Weekend – Fierce Aries to Steady Taurus

A Snap, crackle and pop Aries Moon will spread its Mars influenced energy until Friday afternoon 7/22.  Make sure you have something physical to do. Keep recklessness to a minimum – only get close enough to the edge to stave off boredom. Reign in any aggressive urges, think before you act (rash impulses can lead to embarrassment?).

Then late evening, settle down with the practical, determined Taurus Moon for the rest of the weekend. This Earth sign is ruled by Venus, so along with a little stubbornness, there will be romantic and luxe tendencies.  Have a lovely champagne and chocolates time wherever and whenever you can. Be obstinate only when it really matters.

BTW, Taurus is also about how to protect what is valued. You may want to take some time to decide what needs to be done to feel both financially and emotionally secure. Take care of yourself and loved ones.

Have a beautiful weekend!   (Looking forward to a Leo Sun on Friday/Saturday -depending on your time Zone)


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