Astrology: A Nurturing, Royal Weekend – Moon in Cancer & Leo 6/3/11

Early on Friday June 3rd, the Moon floats into Cancer  – the Water sign it rules. There will be sensitivity and emotion, but also the possibility of good home cooking. (Not a bad mix.) Downplay any moodiness and let Cancer’s kind, mothering instincts invite those you are fond of to share the healthy and tasty things in the fridge. All this sharingness will last until late Saturday night.

Just in time for Sunday brunch, the Moon takes a regal bow in Fire sign Leo (always a time for theatrics and fun). This sign is ruled by the Sun, so dress up. Take advantage of all those golden “royal” feelings and show off a little.  Be noticed, attention will be paid. You deserve it. Spread around the other Leo good stuff  too, like generosity and creativity – have a good time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Moon into Cancer 6/3/11 – 4:36AM Eastern/ 1:36AM Pacific

Moon into Leo 6/5/11 – 11:03AM Eastern / 8:03AM Pacific