Astrology: Planet Duties

10 planets in an Astrology Chart: what do they do?

Yes, there are only 8 “planets” (I still keep Pluto on the list), but the 2 luminaries – Sun and Moon – are included when discussing the Zodiac.  Planets are the spark plugs in a chart. They each have a job to do as they energize the many facets of an individual. In addition, a planet is said to have “rulership” of a particular sign (It is happiest and at its most potent energy.)

Below are the Planets, their rulerships and their duties:

Sun – Leo: Life force, self expression

Moon- Cancer: Emotions, sub conscious, nurturing

Mercury- Gemini and Virgo: Communication (makes sense that when Mercury goes retrograde, we need to watch what we say and write) Analytical details

Venus- Taurus and Libra: Love, beauty and also how we view/value ourselves and money

Mars- Aries: Action, conflict, sexuality

Jupiter- Sagittarius: Expansion, recreation, philosophy

Saturn- Capricorn:  Discipline, boundaries

Uranus- Aquarius: Change, the unconventional

Neptune- Pisces: Spirituality, dreams, illusion

Pluto- Scorpio: Unconscious, breaking down and rebuilding

Depending upon which House and Sign a planet appears in on a birth chart can influence how we act/respond. Are we fully expressed or do we feel uncomfortable, misunderstood in certain areas of our lives?


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