Astrology: Powerful New Moon This Weekend 12/3/10!

Friday December 3rd begins with the Moon in sensitive, passionate Scorpio.  The usual themes for this intense Water sign apply.  Deep feelings, determined and focused action can all be part of the Scorpio Moon transit.

However, you will notice a mood shift as the Moon enters Sagittarius on Saturday and culminates in the Fire sign’s New Moon phase on Sunday. Abundance, fun, largest is best, far reaching ideas, etc. are all part of this Jupiter ruled Zodiac sign.

Launch, create, kick-off, manifest – the New Moon is a great time to start something, especially with the optimistic, good luck Sag vibe.  Of course success isn’t guaranteed, you still gotta do the work, but the universe and lunar energy will support you – which is nothing to sneeze at. Take advantage, work it – but, don’t get too cocky, its all in the details.

Have a big, productive weekend!

FYI = The Moon is “New” when its in the same sign as the Sun (Sun entered Sagittarius on 11/22/10).  Even though the Moon will go on to another sign (Capricorn on Monday afternoon), the supportive “New” energy lasts for approximately 10 days.


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