Astrology: Saturn Retrograde in Virgo ‘til July 2010

Reminder: Saturn began its Retrograde journey in the sign of Libra on January 13, 2010. It has now backed its way into Virgo. Those born with their Sun or Rising signs in Virgo or have experienced a recent 30/60 year Saturn Return in this sign(the planet returns to the same place in your chart as at the time of birth every 30 years) may notice the effects.

This planet is about boundaries, “reality”, discipline, responsibility. Any light, easy, exuberance you were feeling before might be a little hard to find sometimes, but, you can get a lot done with Saturn’s “duty bound” attitude, it just isn’t always fun.  You can use the time to review the usual Virgo themes of health regimens and work habits.  The traits of practicality, analysis and service may be enhanced.

Saturn continues backward into Virgo until May 30, 2010, it will then stop and go forward again, over the same Virgo territory, not reaching Libra, the sign where it all started, until July 22.

Then it will be Libra’s turn to feel the effects of the planet for grownups.  Saturn in Libra (transit lasts until 2011) can change this relationship sign from an indecisive social coquette to a serious seeker of commitment.  Everything must still be lovely and beautiful for the Libran, but with an underlying base of steel mesh- focus, ambition.


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