I love following Elizabeth Gilbert on Facebook!  Why?  I fell in love with her story in “Eat, Pray, Love” and started to look at my own personal spiritual journey from a new perspective.  What I love about LG, is her honesty with herself about her fears and what she does to work through them. 

In this recent video, she talks from a humble place about her success with Eat, Pray Love and the fear around writing her next book and moving into the next realm of her life and career as an author.  She shares how it took many tries and quite a few years to get published……and how writing a new story after that success and the failure of her book in 2010 brought her to the realization of how she must write from her place of “home”.

 So how does LG’s writing story connect for you mom’s and your kid’s recruiting?

 First, listen to LG talk about coming from a place that is “home” to you.  This “home”  can be many different things to many people….but for us moms one of these “foundations” that we build our lives on is family.  LG goes on to explain that when we are challenged with success or failure that by going back to that place of “home” (and love) we can weather the challenges and no matter what the result that it is going to be ok.  That we are always trying to balance ourselves between success and failure and when we are pulled in either extreme direction, we must find our way back home as soon as possible.

 When we are there, we are able once again to move forward toward our goals from a place of who we really are and for the true love & passion we feel for it. 

Wow, so true for our kids.  When they are experiencing so much success in High School sports and begin their journey into the new and unknown Athletic Recruiting Arena and are handed some disappointing news, they are pulled into the extreme of failure and we mom’s must remind them of their “home”.  Gently we are the spiritual guide that brings our kid back to the balance and nudge them to remember the love and passion they have for their sport.  It is this reminder that no matter what the outcome, they will be ok and so will we.



Mary Beth


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