Attack of the Pigweed

Attack of the Pigweed

The biggest disadvantage to using fertile, nutrient rich cow poop as fertilizer in the garden is weeds. Lots of weeds.

A week of rain was followed by a week of obligations away from the garden. The result is a runaway infiltration which sprouted from the "unprocessed" seeds in cow poop. Pigweed thorns aren't as brutal as a wild blackberry's, but they are not pleasant.

he While tiller rests in the "yeah, I gotta fix that sometime" pile at our house, I was forced to pound the dry, rock hard earth with a hoe.

Hoe-ly cow.


 Nora took this foreboding photo as I hacked at the relentless weedy beasts. She helped a bit, but tired quickly of being pricked and poked by the pigweed. Gray was no help at all. He proudly showed me that he "got BIG weeds!" Unfortunately, his big weeds were a pole bean and a pepper plant. I asked him to watch Lily after that.

At least the weeds are patchy.

I only got about a third of the garden looking pretty again before Lily needed a nap. It was about time to give my blistered hands a break anyway.
The greens on the other end were bountiful and delicious, and the marigolds seemed to have deterred the rabbits. The big kids sampled kale, spinach, romaine, arugula, and Chinese cabbage. The concluded that spinach was smooth, arugula was too spicy, and Chinese cabbage was sweet.

Unfortunately, Nora's sick with strep throat, and we've got another busy week approaching. While I'm sure the pigweed will be thrilled, I'm hoping the time will heal my tiller. If not, I guess I'll be fighting inch by inch and row by row.


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