Attending a Summer Wedding or Class Reunion? Rent the Runway!

My daughter and I are bridesmaids in my best friend’s wedding this August. The bride has only one request; that we wear gray cocktail dresses. Any shade of gray will do. Sounds easy enough, but as someone who shops for a living, I can assure you that gray dresses are going to be a challenge to locate in the summer. Rent the Runway to the rescue!

The $295 Rebecca Taylor dress I chose for myself rents for $50 and the $550 Robert Rodriguez dress my daughter chose rents for $75. The rental is good for four days and they also have an eight-day rental option for an extra fee. At no extra charge, you receive two dresses (per person), one in your regular size and one in a size smaller or larger, to ensure a proper fit.

It gets better. When you rent one dress, you get a second style for $25, rather than the price the second style usually rents for — that’s two dresses (and the second size) for the price of one rental plus an additional $25. Shipping and insurance adds $27.95. If you use the promotional code, “instylemag” you’ll receive an additional $20 off your order. The total for our rental was $107 including everything and the return shipping is free.

Not bad for these two gorgeous dresses:

MY DRESS: Rebecca Taylor Puma Party Dress

MY DAUGHTER'S DRESS: Robert Rodriguez Wrap Dress (she's twenty so she can easily pull this off!)

You can also rent jewelry, shoes, and other accessories. If fact, you can rent more casual items for your beach vacation or date night.

The membership to Rent the Runway is FREE, but due to the website’s popularity, there is a waiting period once you submit your request. My waiting period was only two days.

What’s not to Love? Rent the Runway is…

  • Budget-friendly (allows members access to styles they couldn’t otherwise afford)
  • Eco-friendly (no new items were manufactured so I can look chic and stylish)
  • Closet-friendly (who needs to waste valuable space with a dozen cocktail or bridesmaids dresses that you’ll never wear again?)


Kami Gray

TV/Film Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Image Consultant:

Author of The Denim Diet: Sixteen Simple Habits to Get You Into Your Dream Pair of Jeans


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