The Attitude Revolution

I'm Tahlee - Major Instigator of The Attitude Revolution; Fighter Pilot of Love. I shoot down body hate with my love lasers (pew pew pew!) so you can ditch the diet-binge-loathe cycle and do a 180 towards loving who you are and the body you’re in.

Imagine a world full of people filled with purpose and energy because they no longer live in the dark despair of self hatred. Imagine this wasyou.

How relieved would you be to feel grounded and connected? How happy would you be to look in the mirror and smile at your reflection?  And how inspired would you be to go and live your life of awesome authenticity?

Attitude = 
Your outlook and state of mind.
Feeling strong and confident.
Totally. Rocking. It.
Revolution = 
A radical and pervasive change.
Something made different.
Shift. Motion. Flow.


The Attitude Revolution is a place to rediscover a positive emotional connection between your mind and body through practical and heartfelt strategies.