Attitudes that Don’t Foster Success

Success is attainable for those who seek it with both their thoughts and their actions.  Unfortunately, people tend to give significantly more attention to their actions, not remembering that their thoughts and attitudes can dramatically impact their failure and success.  Too often the negative messages we hear while we’re growing up and our overall conditioning further contribute to anti-success attitudes.  For example, you likely have a negative attitude toward success if you repeatedly encountered the following types of messages while growing up:

  • Don’t expect too much; you’ll just be disappointed in the end.
  • You’re not good enough to deserve good things.
  • Life is about dealing with problems.
  • People are out to pull you down with them, not pick you up.
  • Your capabilities are limited.
  • When you don’t expect anything good from a situation, you’re being practical.
  • “Optimism” is just another word for wishful thinking.

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