Off to the auctions we go.....

OK, I am addicted to the antique auctions - there are two well known ones that are very close to where we live and they are visited by people from all over the country - no joke.....people come in from NYC, all over NJ and then there were these nice blokes who had driven from South Carolina - seriously. They are primarily antique dealers. We went on Sunday - my husband and I both love it. We go to try and pick up nice pieces for our home. There is something about spotting a piece, and bidding on it.....the bid, someone bids against you, your heart races as you bid again.... I love winning - hahaha! I love winning that bid on that piece I know will look perfect in our home....I love that feeling of pure glee I get when the auctioneer says "sold!" and points in at me! I cannot help but break into a huge smile. The auctioneers know me at these places now, there are not many mums with toddlers in strollers bidding on antiques against dealers from all over the country!!!! I don't think the dealers know quite what to think of me as I put up my hand with stubborn determination to get that piece that they are also bidding on. One of the major auctions is held on Mondays, and I go there by myself with my son. So fun. The owners of the auction always take care of me, making sure that the dealers don't push me out, making sure I get a fair chance to bid.....or they do the bidding for me, which is always nice....I just tell them my limit. And then at the end of the day, you bring home your prize, your treasure, a piece of history, a piece with a story, a piece that has survived moves, different owners, different auctions for dozens of years.....and I clean them up, polish them up with great love and affection and become a part of their story. Love it.

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