August Long Weekend...what is it called in your neighborhood?


Victoria, BC

Tomorrow is the August long weekend, or at least a long weekend in BC. Our provincial government stretched itself to the limits of creativity in coming up with a name for this one, BC Day. 

Prior to that it was called Civic Holiday...or something equally as scintillating. I'm just wondering what it's called where you are and how you plan on celebrating the government's generosity in giving us a day of rest in the middle of summer.

In Victoria we have a special event called, Symphony Splash ( where a barge is towed into our world famous in Victoria Inner Harbour. Various music acts entertain folk assembled on the causeway and the lawn of the provincial legistature. The final musical act is the Victoria Symphony (yes, that would be why it's called "Symphony Splash") plays a great program of pops and classical music finishing off with Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture complete with real cannons and fireworks. The fireworks double as the BC Day whoop-dee-do fireworks.  

This is also the weekend when our Saanich peninsula corn crop is ready for mass consumption. The most popular grower, Silver Rill, staggers it's plantings so it will continue to be available well into September but, being a northern clime, fresh local corn is a thing of beauty and a pearl beyond price (ok, not beyond price, it's usually 4 ears for a dollar at the peak of the season).

If you are outside of Canada, is there a statutory holiday for the 1st Monday in August or is there some other means of celebrating mid-summer madness in that particular neck of the woods?

And now, I'm going to finish making pizza and enjoy the warm weather. We haven't really had summer here on the left coast yet so I'm planning on making the most of it while it is here. We'll probably go for a drive out on the peninsula tomorrow, hit a couple of the farms and grab what corn we can find. mmmm, I can feel the butter dribbling down my chin right now....

Happy whatever you call it day...