Aurelia Cotta

Aurelia Cotta is the online pseudonym of a Canadian who has been blogging since 2006 about physical and mental health. She is experienced in leveraging social media to combat isolation, spread accurate information, and amplify unheard voices. A powerful advocate for patients in the health care system, she is skilled in researching complicated and interacting conditions and in explaining medical topics accessibly to others. Individually and structurally, she encourages physicians to focus more on listening to patient experience in coming to clinical decisions. This bottom-up approach will continue to grow in importance as populations age and disability of all kinds becomes more mainstream and better measured.

Aurelia has specific experience in ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD, infertility, high risk pregnancy, parenting special needs children, and living with chronic health conditions individually and as a family. Known for her outspokenness on topics ranging from politics to parenting, she has a strong first-person understanding of online privacy issues in relation to health care advocacy. An empathetic and integrative listener with a strong focus on inclusion, she has built a large and loyal following on twitter. She is experienced in helping people articulate their concerns about physical and mental health, advocate for themselves or loved ones with medical professionals, and find pathways to doing things of which they had not thought themselves capable.

Overall, she finds social media to be an effective means for not only sharing experiences and connecting people, but also for cutting across traditional silos to encourage change in government, industry, media and the world at large.  "On twitter we rehearse what we would like to say in real life."