Aussie in the USA

Immigration comes with a mixed bag of unintended and intended consequences.    

The most difficult unintended 'how did that happen?' consequence for us as parents to deal with is that while 2 of our children have decided to live in the US,with us, one is Aussie to the core and is living in Australia with dual citizenship.  We raised him to be a way maker, to be independent, to make his own choices.  We took the children to Australia as often as we could to introduce them to their rellies there and to the other part of their heritage.  As my brother in law, known as Captain Obvious asks, "how is that working out for yah?"  

We call our son.  He sounds more Aussie each time.  His accent is being formed by those around him rather than by those living from whence he came.

The richness of dual citizenship, of being bi-cultural far outweighs any negative.  The reception we receive as Aussies, and all things Aussie receive in the US is welcoming and gracious.  We speak the same language, almost, we can drink the water here, what is not to like?  The distance I think.  It is so far from here to there and then back again.  For years we felt obliged to travel back every vacation, until we realized that planes fly both ways.  Our rellies did not use their vacation and resources to come to see us, yet we were expected to use ours.  My sister did - once, my mother did if we paid her way.  Admittedly the distance, time and resources involved is daunting, so relationships wane.  Meanwhile they visited Europe, Asia and other afar places.  I think the feeling was 'you moved so if you want to see us you get to come here'. That was not forseen.  Perhaps it was fair.  And in the real world, even those who live geographically close do not always or even often maintain equally close emotional ties.

So all things considered, we are delighted to be here, if our son was with us it would be perfect.  How about you?