Austin BlogHers (and Neighbors), let's do the meet up thing in June! Talk to me, y'all!

You know they can't have a bunch of local BlogHer meetups without Austin!

For those who are going to the BlogHer conference, it's now less than 90 days away, so we thought those who are going might want to gather and say "hi" ahead of time to reduce the anxiety factor for newbies...

...BUT how much more fun would it be to have all the BlogHers come to the party?

So this event is for those going to the conference, want to go but can't, don't want to go, never heard of it - whoever!

We're trying to have all the meet-ups on one of two days, so people can have fun checking out what other cities are doing, and we're thinking of Saturday June 6th or Saturday June 13th. What does everyone prefer?

And anyone have thoughts on FREE location where a bunch of people can gather and still hear themselves think?  Think central, think air conditioning or at least some shade... some place where people can either buy their own food/drink (or not as you prefer, we don't want anyone feeling compelled to spend money since there's a recession on) or we can do a brown bag or potluck type thing?  If kiddos can roam around that's an added bonus.

Let me know what you think!


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