Australia's Big Things

Where other countries have statues, Australia has "big things." And we love them. 

I could be wrong, so please correct me if I am. But I have never seen, or heard of, a "big thing" in any other country. 

A "big thing" is usually a fibre-glass replica of what the region is best known for. They put towns on maps, break up long road trips and are great backgrounds for cheesy photos. They are also where you can buy overpriced novelty items that say things like "I went to The Big Chook and all I got was this ruler." There are about 150 big things - although some, frankly, are just not that big. They really should be called "medium things." In fact a couple of them ought to be "pissweak things." 

Some examples of big things are below. I hope you enjoy these little nuggets of Aussie gold. 

"This town needs something mate. I dunno, something big. Really big. Plenty of potatoes are grown around here, whaddayareckon? A big potato?"

The Big Potato, Robertson, New South Wales

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