An Authentic Guru's Role 

These two flowers are growing out of the same stem.  The diversity with the same root.

 As one drops into the boiling vat to debride yet another layer of the untruth/history/"pain body"of the self, the Guru holds a place for the limitlessness of Absolute Love/Truth to wash one's wounds and help to discover/uncover/stabilize in the truth of one's self.  His/Her capacity for detached Love allows the darkest beliefs to be ignited and yet soothed by the same presence.  Their service is to help our unconscious nature grow into consciousness.  Their essence is unconditional love and truth at the highest level.  They are the embodiment of pure, heartfelt love and grace.  Yes, they are in skin suits, but with a very, very pure transparent interior.

 In this journey, the life outside the ashram has been the crucible for pain and destruction of "my reality" and the ashram has been the recovery room to infuse consciousness and love as a possibility back into my wounded self. Sometimes, the ashram was the place where I could be more completely shattered, so yet another layer of self could be challenged and examined in the outer world.  How perfect India has been for this white, woman, walking.  Deepening into the love of one's self as a spark of the Divine.