Author Holly Hill bad for feminist image, 'Sugarbabe' declares prostitution empowering.

Holly Hill is an Australian author who's book "Sugarbabe" has been selling like hotcakes. More than her book, people are interested in her life. Holly Hill is essentially a prostitute who "quit" (I have my doubts) her job as a psychologist to become a married man's full time mistress. When that went south, Holly decided it was still a great way to make money. Selling herself to married men for money, rent, shopping sprees, etc. Because she "loves sex", it's all good. After all, in her eyes, most men are destined to cheat... So you should let them.

In my opinion, women like this make us look bad. Holly Hill seems to believe the women are interested in possessions and things and in return for cheating, we'll take a purse or a nice new piece of jewelry.

I wish I were making this up. However in Holly Hill's own words.

"Men are geared to be sexual creatures. If we force them to be monogamous, we're not using their biology to our best advantage, and we're going to be vulnerable. But negotiate with a man, and it makes you powerful. If he goes to a strip club, maybe you get a new handbag or frock. It's about working with nature rather than against it. It's about not being the girl who sits around wondering why he's late getting home from the pub again." - Marie Claire

"I thought that because I was a 24/7 exclusive mistress that I wasn't part of the world's oldest profession, but with hindsight I was, because what I was doing ... I was charging men for services, part of which included sex," says Hill. - CNN

I recently wrote a piece on my personal blog a bit more in depth and critical about Holly Hill that still has hundreds of hits a month. Why? Because women are furious. And they should be. Holly Hill damages our image in that she makes women and marriage about THINGS. Marriage is a commitment that two people make. Those people are capable of making choices that either support or damage that commitment. Giving men a free pass and telling women to cash in on it, equates all of us married women into prostitutes.

I don't know about you, but give me the choice, I will choose fidelity.


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