Autism, 1 year later...hang with me, I am long winded tonight

Lily was diagnosed with moderate to high functioning Autism on January 14, 2010.  

A friend of ours stopped by for a visit almost one year from the last time we saw her. This is a woman with two grown "typical" sons. She's had no relation nor experience in Autism, other than what she learned from seeing Jenny McCarthy on Oprah. That is, until she met Lily. :) Our friend was heavily in our lives during the time Lily was diagnosed. She witnessed me going from a confident mother, to the most inexperienced. She would listen to me go on about how I felt I was losing my mind. "Lily isn't like her siblings. Something's not right".....She supported me 100% when I pushed Lily's Pediatrician to find me answers NOW!! Ultimately at my side (spiritually) when Lily was diagnosed, Ultimately at my side (spiritually) when Lily was diagnosed, and one of many victims to my depression over the diagnosis. I shut everyone out...EVERYONE...and I made my sweet husband shut his friends out, too. :( We ..... NO, I withdrew from the outside world for months! And I made my family stay with me. I took no constructive sympathy or empathy from anyone. We hunkered down in this house and attempted to fix this on our own. And we failed. As well as lost many friends.

Truthfully...I'm glad we lost the friends we did, because the fact that we lost them proves they weren't true friends in the first place. Though it didn't feel that at the time we lost them.

Lori is a true friend. I thank her for stopping by today. But...I admit that I am most thankful for her forgiveness. She was blown away by the miles traveled this last year. Lily is talking...her tantrums are ...well, I don't think Lori witnessed a tantrum today. (Different from a meltdown) Lily engaged Lori in conversation and complimented her on her cute dog "Hellie" (Ellie) I cried when she left...because it was overwhelming, how comfortable Lily is with her. It's like the year between them never happened. Those of us with Autistic children, know that they KNOW people. They can sense the personality and intent of someone in seconds! Lori has always been one bad ass chick (not Lily's words)


We love Lori!


Squeeziks (I probably should blog, explaining the name) LOL


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