Autism = $$$$

Holy crap Batman! Did you see how much it can cost to raise a kid with an Autism Spectrum Disorder?? As much as $2 Million, that’s how much.

Considering the fiscal toll (you cannot put a price tag on the emotional/stress toll) on parents and the government, you would think the USA would be a little bit concerned about skyrocketing ASD rates, no?


Turns out the ASD is mostly caused by a combo of genes and environment. The environmental issues that can cause ASD are pollution and pesticides. Oh yeah, global warming is going to make that shit worse. How many of us here think that Big Oil, Big Coal, and Monsanto/Big Ag are going let the US government, which they have bought fair and square, do anything about any of it? Laws for better gas mileage? Subsides for organic farming? Stricter carbon emission laws? Obama tried that and the Supreme Court said the EPA can’t make businesses follow its mean ol’ rules

Har. It is to laugh. Bitterly.


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