Autism: The Diagnosis

I sit here on a Saturday afternoon, while my wonderful husband is out and about with both tots. Eamon visited with a neurodevelopmental pediatrician just this past Wednesday. We had to pay out of pocket for this visit as he was the only doctor in the tri-state area that did not have a waiting list 2 years long or a "not accepting new patients" message. He was wonderfully informative, answered all my questions, and will continue to serve as a great resource. We will receive an official report with recommendations in about 10 days, but he did give me the diagnosis.

I suspected this, feared this, was not surprised by this "mild" autism diagnosis...but I must confess, I am full of emotions, most uncharted. I had always suspected that something was not right, just could not put my finger on it concretely. The pediatrician office consistently reported that he was fine, just on the active end...perhaps a breeding ground for ADHD.  Read on...


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