Autism is the Enemy


We named our homeschool  Autism Rocks Christian Academy. Tongue in cheek because J is always rocking. Back and forth, back and forth, night and day. If he isnt rocking he's bouncing. The only time he is still is when he is asleep.  But Autism itself does not "rock". It very much stinks and I pray a cure is found. I hate autism with my very being.

 J is a very sweet kid. He smiles a lot. Loves music. All kinds of music. He loves to eat. He likes to be around people he knows and likes. Then, somewhere out of the blue, a meltdown comes. Anger. Tears. Hitting, pinching, biting. He's ripped so many shirts he's running neck and neck with the Incredible Hulk.  He attacks like a feral animal. In fact, he sometimes reminds me of  a demon possession. Possessions no longer happen, by the way.  It just reminds me that.

It's bad enough when the meltdowns happen at home. You know what's really fun?  Trying to calm down a 17 year old in the middle of a nasty meltdown in public. All the while aware of the snide remarks, disgusted looks, and the confusion around you. Because people love train wrecks. People never fail to stop and watch.  Sometimes they call the police. So far most of the police have been polite, trying to understand, totally clueless as to how to help other than ready to jump in if hubby or I can't control him. 

 For the record, yes he is on medication. He has seizures and he also has meds to help with the aggression and other symptoms. No, he's not a spoiled brat.  No, he does not need to be locked up in some institution or left at home and out of society.  What he needs is to find a cure. He needs a way to communicate. He needs love and to be treated as an individual.   These meltdowns are not easy on his family and they are no picnic for him either.

Lately medical marijuana has been gaining attention as a help for children with autism. Some are whole heartedly for it --mostly because they've reached a breaking point and dont know what else to try. Others are vehemently against it. I still am on the sidelines watching , listening. I'm not sure it is for my son. The only way I would even consider it is if  our state allowed medical marijuana usage and then only once I'm satisfied it would benefit my son.  Please do not take this as permission to bombard me with information for or against. If you choose to mention it anyway, please stick to specific medical benefits.

I've neglected this blog but starting now I intend to write at least 3 times a week.  Even if its just for me.



Miss Ducki


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