Autistism v/s Asshats

As those who read me regularly already know, my eldest daughter is on the Autism Spectrum. Lilo has Asperger syndrome and it shows. Granted, it shows less than it did before we modified her diet and got her into occupational/social therapy for it … but it still pops up.

She cries loudly in public when she disappointed by events, much like a toddler. This was fine when she WAS a toddler but now it is unacceptable behavior from a 3rd grader. Ditto on her running and jumping and hollering when excited. I am sure some parents think she is just being an over-indulged, under-disciplined brat when she does any it. They never say anything though, because if I catch them looking at her I give them the flat aggressive stare of an alpha ape challenging a rival. People are instinctively disconcerted by that kind of look, if not flat out afraid of it. Anthropology and bitchiness for the win.

If kids make a comment, I explain that she is an “Aspergirl” and it is taking her a little longer to find her calm place. Kids can be judgmental, because they are kids and they don’t know yet. In contrast I expect adults to have some awareness and education of the world around them and know at least a little something about autism. Considering that 1/88 kids in the USA has a place on the spectrum, I don’t think that is unreasonable to ask. Furthermore, once adults know a child is ‘special’ I expect them to cut that kid (and his/her parents) some slack.

Most of us are doing the best we can, dammit.

Sadly, some asshats continue to live amongst the good people of the world and they aren’t interested in special needs … only their own wants. This was illustrated in bold script when some jerk-off sent a autistic boy’s grandmother a letter suggesting she “euthanize” him because he was a “wild animal” making too much noise while playing outside in his own yard. The letter is something to behold.

The grandmother and parents of the 13 year old autistic boy were advised by this kind, considerate cuntmonkey of a neighbor that they were being selfish for allowing their mentally handicapped child to live in a residential area where can scare the hell out of the sender’s “normal” children, and they needed to take their “retarded kid” to live in a trailer in the woods. Of course, moving would only help so much since the twatwaffle who sent the letter is also APPALLED they have allowed the child to live at all. He will apparently always be a nuisance and a burden so “whatever non retarded body parts he possesses” should be harvested and donated “to science” so that some good will come of the fact he ever existed.

The woman who wrote the letter also assured them that everyone wanted them to move and just didn’t have the "guts" she had – the kind of courage that would allow you to send an anonymous letter from “one pissed off mother” proudly proclaiming that “I HATE people like you who believe, just because you have a special needs kid, you are entitled to special treatment!!! God!!!!!!”

Of course, maybe the sender isn’t really upset by the autistic child’s vocalizations. The letter complained of the child’s “whaling”, so maybe the real issue is cetaceans on the law? It’s almost like this ‘normal’ paragon couldn’t bother to proof read her letter or notice the difference between ‘wailing’ and ‘whaling’. But we all know that couldn’t happen because normal people are way too awesome for that shit! With their normalness and all!

I have written an open letter to ‘one pissed off mother’ in return.

        Dear Bitchy Doucheface,

Fuck you. Stupid and self-centered may be the lowest common denominator of  humanity but that doesn’t make people like you “normal”. It makes people like you “asshats”. I’d bet your neighbors would happily vote you out of the neighborhood since they don’t want a rancid hyena’s taint such as yourself around their kids.

If you even so much as look at my kid cross-eyed ever again I will stomp a mud hole where your nasty mouth used to be. Are we clear?


          Betty Fokker

PS – Close your windows because everyone can smell the dirty underwear in your clothes hamper and it’s lowering property value for miles. Also, the stench is gagging our dog when he is trying to just peacefully eat the used diapers he stole from the trashcan.


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