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The U.S. economy is at a crossroads with all the credit crisis!!! I would like to take a minute to give you some information that isn't being forced fed to you by the media. I work for one of the big 3 auto makers(not directly, but never-less it would have a huge affect on many just like me) and I have to say that a lot of the information that has been going around is really getting twisted from the media. Please visit for more information on what is called a bailout!!{Which is actually a LOAN Not a bailout} Then please take a moment to please write your state/government Representatives and senators requesting to take a positive action on the loan that the Automakers need to survive. There should be a place on the side for you all to click on the side as Concerned American. 
{Below information is all provided from }
Facts-- 1 in 10 American Jobs depends on U.S. automakers
The consequences of the domestic auto industry collapsing would far exceed the $25billion loan needed to bride the current crisis.
Nearly 3 million jobs are at immediate risk
U.S personal income could be reduced by $150 billion
The Tax revenue lost over 3 years would be more than $156 billion
GM has cut its payroll drastically, by 45.8 percent in the U.S. alone since 2000. In fact, GM is far from the largest employer in the industry. With 252,000 employees worldwide, GM ranks fifth overall behind Volkswagen (373,400 employees,) Renault/Nissan (316,121 employees,) Toyota (316,121 employees) and Daimler (272,382 employees). Yet GM sold more vehicles worldwide last year than any other automaker.

When I see of all the countries around the world that the United States is helping to rebuild after a war, or otherwise. I just wonder why we cannot help our own United States? I don't know where we all went wrong in this, but for the Automakers to ask the government for help has to come with some shame. I don't know what the right answer is to all of this, (maybe the government to release the cap so companies can get a loan) but I do know that General Motors helped out a lot during World War 2 and help in more ways that anyone could imagine. Not to mention all the money that General Motors gives in charity. There is a lot of talk going on about this, and I really hate to have this based on a scare tactic oppose to some truths. I don't believe that the American People should have to pay for this, and from the web site provided it does show that it would be a loan to pay back...not a bail out as what we just went through. I know I don't have all the answers, but I am willing to listen to others and their views. Again, the link I have provide has some facts and myths and a lot more information. Please take a moment to read.

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