Autumn in Scotland

Thick as autumnal leaves that strow the brooks
In Vallombrosa, where thEtrurian shades
High over-arch’d imbower.
Paradise Lost
Book i. Line 302
Yeah, that's right. I can quote Milton...because I'm a totally complex girl. I may wake up with melted chocolate on my neck....but I can read and understand classical literature. And I read it for FUN. Then again, I have also seen every episode of Star Trek - The Next Generation...for fun.
I love autumn, always have. I hate winter...I find it dark...depressing....cold. Winter is cold people. I hate that. Only in the middle of the night...when it's snowing hard and everything is fresh and clean looking do I like winter.

Or if I'm in Mexico. I like winter if I'm in Mexico.

Summer is too hot. Everything turns brown...I don't like bugs. There are bugs in summer. I like summer nights. I like not having to wear a jacket. Spring is alright...I'm always so relieved when I see those first shoots of green - well, I was. When I lived in Canada...where there is very little greenness for a very long time. Unless you count pine-trees. Which I don't. But here? Everything is green all the time. I think it may be due to the never ending OMG rain.
In Scotland, autumn isn't the 2 week affair it was in North America. The leaves have been turning colour since late September...and only now are they starting to really fall. I have had weeks and weeks of my most favourite season. In fact, when the radio announced it was 7 weeks until Christmas I actually went into a state of shock (after soiling myself) because it doesn't feel that close to the holidays. It's fall....and I'm going to enjoy it.
I have photos to deal with from Kelso this week at some point...Kelso is just what I imagined it to be by the way. Which is wonderful. I officially loved it - and having read about it before visiting (in stories...ages ago) it added so much more. Right now I'm reading the history of St. Mungo...the patron saint of Glasgow. I'm also trying to find pajamas with zombies on them for myself.


New Lanark - Halloween 2010


....quietly plotting mischief in Scotland....


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