Avocado Sesame Seed Salad

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This is – hands down – my favorite salad ever. It’s one of the recipes that my mom made throughout my childhood, but I refused to eat it. In fact, I pretty much refused to eat anything with onions. Of course, now, I put onions in almost everything I make.

When I went through my year of being a vegetarian, I was desperate for new foods and new recipes. So, I started making this salad – and not just eating it, but devouring it.

Russell can still remember the first time that I made it for him – it’s life changing like that.

Like most good salads, you start with a bowl of lettuce, cleaned, and torn (not chopped!) into bite size pieces. I prefer red leaf – but anything works.

Add to it….

Chunks of avocado.

Parmesan cheese.

Toasted sesame seeds.

Slices of red onion.

(Now, my mom thinks that the red onions are optional. But, I’ll let you in on a secret: They are definitely not optional. They’re almost as important as the lettuce. It wouldn’t be my favorite salad ever without them.)

Add in a small palm-full of salt – don’t be stingy on the salt!

And dress it with olive oil and rice vinegar.

Mix. Serve. Enjoy.


Julia Andrus Williams



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