Avon Calling

When I was a little girl, my mom was an Avon lady. I remember being fascinated by her gigantic sample box. We had these sturdy Avon boxes everywhere, and my sister and I used to make things from them. Avon was my mom's little bit of freedom and security when she was a single mom. A way for her to make a little extra money, but also her own business.

I feel like I'm a little bit of a dichotomy. I love fashion and girlie things, abstractly. For instance, I have a closet full of amazing vintage clothes that don't fit me, but I wear Wal-mart jeans and Just My Size t-shirts most days. I'm uncomfortable dressing up, putting on make-up, doing more to my hair than washing it with Suave and pulling it back.

I want to embrace my girlie-side. I want to experiment with make-up, have pretty skin and wear awesome clothes. I have an awesome series/column idea for my blog, but I'll need some money. At the moment, I have none. One thing being a single mom for so many years taught me, though, is how to make a little money when I need it (or want it.)

When I started to think about how I could fund my series idea, I remembered my mom with her basket of goodies going around to visit the ladies in her assigned neighborhood to pass out brochures. Stroke of genius, because not only will selling Avon fund my project, it will help supply it. Score!

The thing is, though, that frugality is important to me. Especially right now, when a lot of us are cash poor. Even if you aren't, who wants to be ripped off? So, every two weeks, when a new Avon campaign starts, I'm going to let you guys know about the best deals. These prices are comparable to sale prices at your local drug store, and are for products that have been around forever and are high quality. This isn't going to become a sales blog, I promise. I'll post my bi-weekly sale-price list and, as part of my upcoming project, possibly some reviews. Maybe some funny stories, but no hard sales. I promise.

If you already buy Avon, and would like to consider supporting me and my project, I'll have a little link to the left that will lead you to an online site where you can buy from me. The proceeds from my sales will go toward a killer new feature here, more information about which is soon forthcoming.

While we're talking about fashion and pretty things, eShakti.com is offering you guys $20 off any order if you use the code JUICY0811 at checkout.

Click on a hyperlink below to get to my Avon page. You do not need to live in Reno to buy from me. Your order will be sent directly to you.

Glimmer Sticks eyeliner, Buy one at $7, get one free. (Regular price: $7 each.) These come in standard colors, killer sparkly shades, also some are water proof.


Dual-ended Black Head Remover, 99 cents with the purchase of a Clear Skin product. (Confession: I wanted one of these when I was in high school So. Bad. Don't ask me why I never had one.) (Regular price: $5.)

Glazewear Lip Gloss, 2 for $5. (Regular price: $6 each.) Lip gloss always makes me think of Pretty in Pink, and poor Andie wasting it on the wrong guy. In my private world, she dumped the rich guy after the credits rolled, and is currently living happily ever after with the Duck Man. I think she'd be wearing this stuff.


Naturals Shampoo and Condition, $3.99 for two. (Regular price: $4 each.) You can mix and match these. They have a variety of scents, but I really want to try the banana coconut. Who wouldn't want to smell like a Jimmy Buffet song?

Healthy Makeup Lip Conditioner SPF 15, $3.99. (Regular price: $9.) SPF lipstick is the bomb if you have peely lips. This is a great price for this type of product.

Foot Works All-in-1 Pedicure Tool, $4.99. (Regular price: id="mce_marker"0.) I just saw the Pediegg at CVS for $9.99. I'm totally getting one of these for myself.

Dew Kiss Lip Dew. 69 cents. (Regular price: 99 cents.) This has been my very favorite lip balm for as long as I can remember. It's about as perfect as lip balm gets.

NATURALS Glazed Apple & Walnut 5-Piece Beauty Bundle, $9.99. (Regular price: $35.) You get two body washes, two lotions and a body spray for less than id="mce_marker"0, or about $2 a piece. Apple walnut is a scrumptious autumn-y scent, too. This same deal is available in Cherry Blossom as well.


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