Avon PR Fail Fire Storm

Avon PR Fail?

By now you have probably heard about the big uproar in regards to the WTF interview Avon did with All About Romance. The interview was conducted mainly with the Avon Romance Editor May Chen and VP/Executive Editor Lucia Macro. I
welcome you to read the interview yourself and come to your own
assumptions. But I must highlight this part that has myself and I would
say other on-line review sites and blogs steaming:


May Chen:In my opinion, the online world still doesn’t have much impact on sales as, anecdotally, I’ve seen books get horrible online reviews but have done well. As far as I know, we still don’t include online reviews on our books,
but that can certainly change if we see them start making a difference.
Right now, the best endorsements for us still seem to be from NYT
bestselling authors and from major traditional print reviewers.

 Lucia Macro:Do the consumers recognize the source of the quote? I'm not sure that the vast majority of readers recognize all the online sites. When checking their rankings I'm often surprised at how little traffic they really get. We
are all very plugged in, but many casual readers are just picking up a
book at their local Walmart and barely have time to watch tv, much less
wrestle the computer away from their kids. So an author quote might
carry more weight with them.

What would happen if and
when the New York Times and other possible print publications such as
USA Today disappear? How revelant will that New York Times Best Selling
author label be, especially if that publication is no longer in
 From the article posted on May 11, 2009 on the CNNMoney.com website:
its pluses, the Times has managed to increase its print circulation
revenue over the last couple of years, no easy feat these days. It
boasts more than 830,000 print subscribers who have taken the paper for
two or more years, so the presses are not turning off any time soon. But
the downturn and general devaluation of advertising by the Web has
wreaked havoc with the cost structure of all print publications, the
Times included
. Newspaper analyst Craig Huber of
Barclays Capital believes the company's common stock will be trading
for $1 a share within a year (it is currently around $7)."
I am just a simple blogger who doesn't have anywhere near the amount of
subscribers the New York Times has, but remember, it takes only one
voice to be heard. From that one voice another one will hear and will
tell another and so forth. Is that enough of an impact for you? That is
why the on-line community such as bloggers and other review sites are
the future. Did we not learn anything from Amazon Rank?
In a few short hours on a Sunday in April the on-line community came
together and started a fire storm the likes I have never seen. Imagine if the same could be in promoting authors and their books?

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