Awakened Aesthetic

It’s only recently that people are starting to figure out, after years of apathy, that when we make choices, we cause change.

Even the simplest of decisions can affect the rest of our world in some small way.  Buying from one store might support a political candidate with different beliefs than yours; buying from another funds child labor…and buying from a third supports immigration reform, or an organic farmer near your home town, or a US worker making a fair wage in a clean environment.

It’s time we take the inspiration that beautiful things can give us and use them to do good. By buying locally, researching major brands and choosing products made sustainably, we can make a difference, not only ecologically, but politically and sociologically.

The goal of Awakened Aesthetic is to make ethical self expression simple, by finding the information and products that will make it easier to shop sustainably.

Because there is no reason to sacrifice quality, and sustainability, for beauty.