Awesome Adult Party Bags!

Happy Wednesday, People!! We're half way through the week!!

On Monday, I blogged about children’s party bags – now here’s the adult version! Last month it was my sister’s big three-oh and she decided that she wanted a small intimate dinner rather than a big bash. So with only 10 guests it meant that I could really go to town on the details without it taking hours.
Adult Party Bags
Again I purchased these small brown gift bags from Hobbycraft. Using a snowflake stamp coated in PVA, I stamped each bag three times in different patterns. Then I shook gold glitter over each gluey snowflake and allowed a couple of minutes drying time before shaking it off and doing any touch-ups. Once the bags had dried over night, I repeated the process on the back of each one.
Adult Party Bags
To each bag, I added two packets of Chocolate Slab. One flavoured with sour cherries and macadamia nuts, and the other with popping candy. I also added a couple of party poppers!
Adult Party Bags
The finishing touch was to add a simple white name label that I customised using gold washi tape and a gold pen. These were tied on using gold ribbon and the top of the bag stuffed with hot pink tissue paper.
Adult Party Bags
Et voila – super sophisticated grown-up party bags!
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