Awkward. Shameful? Necessary!

Usually awkward, sometimes shameful, and almost always necessary.

  • Taking a crap on your toilet while your toddler plays drums on your knees.
  • Politely asking your hubby to remove his head from your lap, because you're about to fart.
  • Sitting just to the left of the obvious cum stain on your friend's couch.
  • Saying penis over and over again every time your son points to it asking what it is.
  • Accidentally farting really loud in the grocery store and blaming it on your toddler. "Oh, honey. Good one! Excuse you."
  • Picking your child's nose in public because that boogey was driving
    you crazy. Realizing you now have a boogey on your hand, and flicking
    it  when no one is looking.  (Come on, be honest.)
  • Taking a shower with your toddler and being unable to stop him from  peeing on your foot.
  • Sneezing in the middle of the night, and wiping your snot on the sheets because you're too tired to get out of bed.


Nothing like getting married and having kids to send propriety packing. Nothing is sacred.

Got one?

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