Is Ayers Relationship with Obama a Valid Talking Point?

Pundits are warning that Governor Palin’s attacks on Obama’s relationships could backfire, because they deviate from the issues.  But who a president chooses to associate with is precisely the issue—especially if the president is as inexperienced as Barack Obama.


Presidents need to assemble a trusted inner circle to advise them on policy and governing.  George Bush, another inexperienced candidate, put together a kitchen cabinet of policymakers who were very far to the right of what American elected.  So we should be especially concerned with Obama’s choices.  Therefore his relationships with Ayers, Rezco and the Reverend Wright should absolutely come under the microscope—as well as Obama’s relationships with the former CEO of Fannie Mae, as well as one of its top execs, who now help lead his campaign.  These men and their value systems would influence a president. 

We should learn from Bush’ relationship with Cheney and vet the candidate’s friends and advisors, as well as the candidate.   

Knowledge is never negative.

Jane Becker


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