Relationships vs. Technology

"Oh so you can tweet, but you can't text?"

Every time I hear that, it makes me miss middle school. Yes. Middle school, when the best way to decipher if your crush actually acknowledged your existence was "the note."  You know "Do you like me? Check one: Yes, No, or Maybe." Life was much more simple, and should the heavens above grant you a yes, you could save the note forever. 

I can't express how frustrating it is trying to get to know someone through text message, Twitter, Facebook, and the like. The progression of meeting someone, getting a text, talking until you find them on Twitter, friend them on Facebook, and somehow never managing to CALL them, has become the norm, and yet, in my opinion, might be the most FRUSTRATING process.

I'll explain.

I met a guy who went to school with me. He was nice, I thought he was adorable, and he text me everyday. *pause for butterflies and rainbows* Everything was great, until I followed him on Twitter.  Unfortunately, he might have been the BIGGEST flirt I have ever seen.  Girl after girl, he sent #heyboo, and posted whatever suggestive thoughts came to his mind.  It continued even after we made it official that we were dating exclusively.  It drove me crazy. I began to text him when I saw him on Twitter, and when I KNEW he'd ignored my text and continued to tweet, that's right:

"OH so you can tweet, but you can't text?"

Naturally, arguments ensued, and keeping with our pattern, they were through text message. Which could very possibly be the worst way to argue. A lack of inflection meant that we had no idea how the other meant what was said, and constant miscommunication ultimately lead to our relationship's demise.   I learned many lessons from that relationship, however, which will come in handy later.

Now if I could get my ex-boyfriend's mother and aunt to quit poking me on Facebook... 



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