Babies: On A Moving Suicide Mission

They always say "Curiosity killed the cat" Well, who is this curiosity person? Honestly, they either knew too much about cats, disliked cats, or knew not a darn thing about babies in motion! A baby in motion will always wreak havoc! Even before I became a mother I knew this as a Nanny. Within .000005 seconds a child can destroy something or hurt themselves. I honestly believe someone should have said that "Curiosity killed the kid".  


Did you know that humans are the most vunerable creature at birth but the most advanced through life? Pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.  In the long run a child only turns out as amazing and well nurtured as their parents assist them to become. I mean sure, a few kids turn out pretty great on their own without parents. Can't deny that hard work, determination, and a distaste for sucky parents helped them get there. We always strive to be better when we overcome crap situations, right? 


So today my almost 7 month old used his chubby little legs and pulled his 27in body frame up on the side of his changing table! What?!?! He just learned to sit up like three weeks ago! Let him throw a wrench in my plans of keeping him in one spot! He already wants to roll like a slinky down a flight of stairs across the floor on his back! To top it off on the sofa sitting with Daddy later, he tried to reach for something about two feet away. Therefore his father has called it the baby suicide mission.  Or more or less the moving suicide mission. A baby in motion will cause destruction and wreak havoc on everyone and everything surrounding them. We can not babyproof "life", but we can protect the life we have created! So when in doubt, don't turn your back. EVER! No, seriously...unless caged up and they can't crawl out, like in a kennel....just don't turn your back :-)

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