Baby A, and Baby B

This is Baby A, who will always be on my left side. This baby has been sexed, but we've decided not to know so we put the little picture telling A's secret in an envelope to save for the baby book. :)

This is Baby B. Baby B will always be on my right side, and is currently in breech position. However, there's still enough time that B can flip around. B didn't want to share their secret, and kept their legs tightly closed. I'll get another ultrasound on the 24th, so we may get it recorded then.

This ultrasound was done on November 2nd and my husband was able to go with me this time. Even though this is not our first pregnancy, it's still such a breathtaking moment to see your little baby, or babies in my case, appear on the screen. To see their little tiny hearts fluttering away, little legs, bones and skeletal structures, even to see them sucking their thumb... it's just one of those moments in life that absolutely melts my heart.

I was going to wait until I got done with the USMC Birthday Week postings before I posted about the babies again, but I just couldn't wait. I'm finally getting excited about these babies. I know that sounds odd, but honestly I was completely freaking out in the beginning. Oh sure, to find out after bleeding and cramping that not only is nothing wrong, but I'm being blessed with twins I was happy, and very relieved. However, it didn't take long for the reality of having 2 babies born at the same time, while raising a toddler, and being a military wife with a husband who is gone long hours during the week and is likely to head to a deployable unit next to kick in. Throw all that on top of those ever-so-fun, high jolted hormones during pregnancy... it didn't take much for me to start crying and almost hyperventilate over the thought of it all. In short, I was scared out of my mind!!

I'm pretty sure I'm over all that now. Granted, every now and then I still get a little nervous, but over all I'm very excited and feel completely blessed to be having these babies.

So how are they doing? Well, baby B is currently rolling around, hopefully getting out of the breech position. LOL Or just having a blast. A has been still most of the day today, probably worn out from all the moving around done yesterday.

At this point I think we, meaning the Doctors because I just lay there and watch the screen and listen to them chatter about what they see, have figured the babies are sharing the same placenta, and are monochorionic/diamniotic. So, the big question here is, are we having girls or are we having boys? With Logan, I knew without a doubt through the whole pregnancy that he was a boy. This time I can't say I've gotten any major vibes yet, but Daddy is already calling them 'the girls'. Which is actually super precious since he's always said he's rather have two boys than two girls. When he comes home in the evening, or wakes up in the morning if I don't see him much in the evening, he rubs my belly and says 'hello girls! how are my little angels?'. All together now... AAWWWW!! hahaha

So yes, finally, at 19 weeks I'm really excited about these babies. Making a list, and checking it twice, for all the things I need to buy. There's another slightly overwhelming task, but a fun one. I mean... who doesn't love to shop?? LOL


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