Baby Belly week by week | My photography project

So it has been way too long since I shared my posts on Blog her. I have just been publishing to my main blog and that is it. Well one reason is I am expecting again. This is our 4th and is a boy. I decided this time around I wanted to really document my pregnancy. So this is what I came up with to share. Anyone can do it really. Yes I used Photoshop to put this together but there are many free programs online  you could use if you like. This has been a ton of fun so far and when I am done I plan to make a big collage and have it framed for the babies room. 

I am only 14 weeks so obviously I have a ways to go. Stay tuned I plan to update here as well as on lifedonerandom. (link below).

Did you document your pregnancy?

5 weeks pregnant.png

six week pregnancy baby belly.png

8 week pregnancy baby belly.png

pregnancy week by week_12 week_baby bump.png

14 week pregnancy baby belly.png

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